School phone number: 045-941-4841/2
School e-mail: dsty [at]
Monday to Friday from 07:40am to 04:30pm*

* The time difference between Germany and Japan: + 8 hours
in the summer time: + 7 hours

Herr Dr. Fechner
Dr. Detlef Fechner
School principal
Herr Hollmann
Rouven Hollmann
Herr Zimmermann
Frank Zimmermann
Coordinator Primary school
Frau Schwadke
Annett Schwadke
Coordinator Kindergarten
Frau Knott
Kathrin Knott
Coordinator Administration


Coordinator AdministrationRoom 227Kathrin Knott
Principal assistantRoom 226Tim Dutzi
LibraryRoom 321Christine Siegel
IT managerRoom 322John Munro
School enrollmentRoom 229Daniela Klein
Marketing & Public RelationsRoom 226Anja Kawashima
School busRoom 230Fumiko Krummeich
Government authorities & HRRoom 230Miwako Go
AccountingRoom 222Yumiko Nagahara
Janitor Naoyuki Osumi



Selected content is available in English and Japanese.

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