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Japanese classes


We are offering two Japanese classes at the DSTY. One for Japanese native speaker and the other one for those whose mothertongue is not Japanese.


Japanese courses in the primary school (native speakers and non-native speakers)

Wish list


The following wish list shows every project or necessary equipment that we need a sponsor for. 

Current projects: 


Expansion/Improvement of the equipment: 

  • new or second-hand computers
  • floodlights
  • a bus

If you have any interest in our projects, then do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact Mrs. Anja Kawashima via phone (045-941-8388) or via mail (




To offer our children a high-level education, convenient facilities, and organize interesting events at our schoolwe are reliant on the help and assistance of our sponsors. For this reason we would like to introduce to you the advertising and sponsoring possibilities at our school. It is an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of your company in the international and Japanese community of the Tokyo-Yokohama area.

Languages at the DSTY


For information about languages offered at the DSTY please click on the picture below.




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