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Press Release BVB und DSTY

Posted on 19.04.2021 - 08:52

Bundesliga giant Borussia Dortmund (BVB) today announced a three-year partnership with Deutsche Schule Tokyo-Yokohama (DSTY) to become its official and exclusive “School Partner of the BVB Evonik Football Academy” in Japan. The partnership involves a football coach / and sports manager from BVB, who will be responsible for a set of tasks including the planning, coordination, training, matches, general school responsibilities and conducting of workshops and coaching clinics in DSTY. The designated coach will also assist in implementing a new football school league for the participation of students from DSTY as well as students from other schools and clubs in Japan.

The DSTY, which was founded more than 100 years ago, is fully recognised by the Federal Republic of Germany and is located in the North of Yokohama. DSTY consists of a kindergarten as well as a primary and secondary school respectively and a Highschool including German international Abitur. In addition, it offers a variety of sporting classes and activities in the afternoon.

BVB Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Suresh Letchmanan said “It’s great that we are able to offer a specific and comprehensive football excellence program to the students at DSTY and at the same time share our BVB knowledge and philosophy across the school. It will give students an amazing insight into what is it like to be trained the BVB way and also other aspects of the industry, such as the theory behind our coaching techniques and how we support the development of footballers.” Dr. Florian B. Kirschner, President of Evonik Japan, added “We think, BVB Evonik Football Academy all over the world is playing a key role in the efforts towards sustainability. It leverages the emotional power of football to make aware of its social values. I would like to congratulate on this Academy’s opening at DSTY and I am sure it will be a commitment to the future.”

Deutsche Schule Tokyo-Yokohama is pleased to be able to expand its high-quality sports offerings in the school´s all-day area through the cooperation with BVB. “Rather, this cooperation also represents a quantum leap in terms of promoting our highly motivated footballers at a performance level”, says school director Dr. Wolfram Schrimpf. Schrimpf sees the hiring of a sports coordinator, who brings all the necessary BVB-genes to the school, as well as a culture of values in the sports sector that fits our mission statement, as a further gain. “We are very pleased that we have found a partner in BVB who has a great understanding of our school environment and who has a sense of how to achieve great things even as a small school through commitment, social responsibility and solidarity”, said Udo Ottens, Chairman of the School Board. "Although opportunities are currently limited due to the pandemic, we anticipate that the full potential of this partnership will soon be significantly realized in the Tokyo-Yokohama area."