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Interner Schreibwettbewerb in englischer Sprache

Posted on 19.02.2020 - 09:40

In den Klassen 9b, 10a und 10b fand im Winter ein kleiner Wettbewerb im kreativen Schreiben in englischer Sprache statt. Die Wahl der Textsorte war freigestellt, so dass die Ergebnisse sowohl Kurzgeschichten, als auch Gedichte, Zeichnungen mit Textinhalt und andere Textformen beinhalteten. Während in der ersten Runde die Schüler der jeweiligen Parallelklassen entschieden, welche Texte gut genug für die Vorentscheidungsrunde sind, entschieden in der zweiten Runde die aktuelle und vorherige Englischlehrerin aller drei Klassen (Frau Reiß und Frau Braune) über die Textauswahl für die Endrunde. Die Ergebnisse sind im Folgenden zu bewundern. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!






Through blooming grasslands we walk,

Mother nature surrounding us,

On a path into the unknown, 

Miles away from home,

Alongside a river

Sparkling in the sun,

Mountains, reaching up into the clouds,

The sky as blue as the ocean

Vividly reflected in the lake,

Water, as pure as a crystal 


A quick change of scenery

From green to white,

From blue to black


In the snow we walk,

Feet sunken, body shaking

A sudden blizzard, soaking wet

Winds howling,

Tackling us with utmost power,

Abruptly, screaming silence, 

My heart loudly pounding

On the clouds we walk,

Melancholic voices of the winds,

Enclosed by boulders,

Drowning in fog,

Wandering around,

Rocks, balanced on top of each other,

Leading us the way


6 hours planned, 

8 hours in,

From black and white

To blue and green

Bird’s twitter,

Billy goat’s bleat,

Finally, before us,

The Silhouette of a mountain hut

A path marked by exhaustion, pain and joy

Coming to an end;

Gearing up for the final spurt,

Sprinting up the hill


Takumi Boesch, 10a



I was five when I was diagnosed with Glaucoma, an eye disease that made me blind. My parents took the decision to get me an eye implant. Miraculously, just two weeks later, I found a donor, a 34-year-old geographer from Spain who had died in a hospital after climbing down from a mountain. To the joy of my parents, 1 week later, I was able to see again.


I was looking forward to an enjoyable week on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean, as the announcement came through. “We are expecting turbulences shortly. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.” Those were the last words I heard, as my forehead crashed into the seat in front of me. The cabin was submerged into darkness as the lights on the roof exploded into pieces. The deafening noise of the roaring engine made it impossible to hear anything else. My heart started racing and I was unable to move my limbs as the aircraft made its last ever descent. “I’m going to die!” 

The impact upon landing felt like it shattered every single bone in my body into a million pieces. My brain ferociously tried to process what had just happened. My throat screamed, as I was feeling the agonising pain in my back. My eyes slowly adjusted to my surroundings. I instantly regretted opening them. The entire site of the crash was coated in blood from the dead passengers, along with different pieces of the plane. I quickly figured out that I was on a mountain, judging by the bitter cold and the snow-capped mountains surrounding what appeared to be a valley. Somehow, I was able to stand up and leave what was now a graveyard. Along the way I picked up a thick jacket and some food that was lying in the wreckage. I assembled some metal pieces from the aftermath of the plane into a small hut and decided to figure out what to do next. I had little to no food, barely any energy to keep myself conscious, let alone move, and probably a fractured spine. I decided that it was better to die trying to get down the mountain, rather than freezing to death here, so I set off in the direction of the sun. After walking for what felt like days, I lost hope, and collapsed to the ground. The adrenaline that I had had was gone now, and all I felt was the pain from the countless injuries and wounds I had on my body. I fell asleep and then… 

I woke up sweating from head to toe. I was lying in my bed at home, the orange sun gleaming in the sky. Gasping, I stood up, remembering the horrific dream that I had just had. Today was the 27th of July, right in the middle of the summer holidays. Both of my parents were out working. I flipped open my laptop and tried to recall what had happened in my dream. I quickly typed in ‚plane crash‘ on google. Flight A2385 to Maldives: 28 of July, location unknown. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dreading the truth, I went through the list of passengers. And sure enough, there he was: Jose Gonzalez, my eye donor. I was in shock. I had just experienced the death of my eye donor. I couldn’t build up the courage to tell my parents or anyone else about it. No matter what I did, I couldn’t forget the dream.


Kento Ono, 9b


The lifesaving Mosquito 
(This story is about one of the most annoying creatures in the world called mosquito)

My name is Phil. I am a male mosquito and used to live in New Orleans until yesterday.I am going to tell you about my life. It all began 10 days ago, when I was born in a dirty and dusty factory. I was young and full of curiosity, so I traveled around the factory. One day, I found a way to get outside. Thus, I decided to head out so that I could explore the world. I visited a lot of new places, for example a gas station or a pizza restaurant. The next day I thought about what I should do for the rest of my life. Then, I suddenly saw a young boy crying in the street. His balloon was stuck in a tree and there was no adult to help him. Hence, I flew to the tree and tried to fix the problem. The first thing I tried was to push down the balloon with my own power, which, however, did not prove to be successful. My next idea was to call an adult for help, which turned out to be a fruitful endeavor as the little boy was crying so loud that anybody could hear it. A young woman came by and gave him back the balloon. I realized afterwards, that that woman was his mother. After a while, the family went home, and I followed suit because I had nowhere to go. When we arrived, it was dark, and the boy had already fallen asleep. I was really tired since it had been a long day and decided to go to sleep. When I woke up, I heard the kid screaming. I flew to the living room and saw him playing with his toys. Suddenly he began to look at me. It seemed that he was curious like me, as at the next moment he was running towards me with his hands wide open. I realized that he was trying to catch me. I flew across the whole room, but the boy was very fast. He chased me for half an hour, but eventually he gave up. The next days were very similar to this day. He constantly tried to catch me. Towards the end of the week, I started to feel very tired. I began getting the sense that my days would soon be numbered because a male mosquito only lives for 10 days. I counted the days since I had been born and realized that it was my 9th day. The next day would be my final day. I did not want to pass away as I liked the boy, and I liked to think it was reciprocal. Yet, it was my destiny, or rather it was the destiny of all other male mosquitos. I felt as if my body would not survive this chase, but I tried my best. I flew down to the living room and saw the boy waiting for me. He started to run after me, like any other day. He almost got me, but I was once again a bit faster. I enjoyed the day with the kid and also tried some food of a human. I woke up and felt how old I was. I had pain in my back when I started to fly. At this very moment I didn’t think that this would be a special day for me. The boy went out with his mom, so I accompanied him. I felt the cold air in my face. The boy ended up going to a supermarket with his mom, who told her boy to stay outside and the boy promised that he would not go somewhere else. Nevertheless, all of a sudden, he saw a balloon on the other side of the street and started to slowly walk away from the grocery store.
He was in the street when I realized that a giant truck was driving very fast and the child did not take notice of it. I did not want the kid to die due to a dumb car accident.
Consequently, I flew as swiftly as I could towards the truck and bumped through the window into the eye of the truck driver. The driver screamed really loud, and the truck went off the street and bumped into a tree. The last thing I saw was that the kid was alive, and I felt how I lost my powers. My sight got darker. I deceased. When I woke up, I was in heaven, and I am telling you this story from here. I am proud of what I have done, even though nobody knows about it. And that was my life story.




 Bobby the Shadow


Teeheeheeheehee: “ Yes? „What can I do for you?” A man called me: “ I need your help.  It's just a theory, but I think my wife is cheating on me.” I decided to take the offer to look for his wife. My name is Bobby the Shadow. I am a personal investigator, but usually people can´t see me. That is my unique ability. Every day I get a new offer to work. Why? Because I’m good at what I do as a personal investigator in France. Right now I'm working for the client who called me ten minutes ago. First, I went inside the house to become the shadow of a piece of furniture. At arrival, I found his wife walking out of the shower room. She is a beautiful woman. No. No. Work. Work. She went to another room.  A few minutes later she came back. She went to the door and I decided to chase her. So I changed my shadow to be her shadow. I thought she would meet a man, but she changed her mind and went back to the house. As soon as she got back, she took her phone and texted somebody. The context was a code. It was difficult, so I couldn’t understand it. However, a man came to the house. He kissed the client’s wife and went to the bedroom. And a big surprise: he was the client’s brother. After the kiss they went to the bedroom and didn’t come out of there. I thought this was the cheater and the case was closed, but it wasn’t finished. When I told the story of what had happened to the client, he wasn’t as surprised as I had imagined. Because usually people will be shocked or start to scream. He was more cool and was like: “I knew it”. Since then I had a bad feeling about the case. We went to his house to discuss the case. Suddenly the brother and the client took their guns from their backs and shot into my direction.They hit me at the shoulder. It was a specially made gun to kill a person like me. I asked them: “Why?”. They wanted revenge for their father. My father had been a military for 8 years with  special forces. As he got the mission to attack a base in Syria with his division, he had killed the brothers’ father. So they had been wanting revenge. However, they couldn't do that yet. Since they had caught me, I couldn't move and more and more blood came out of my shoulder. Since then I had been thinking how to escape. All of sudden a rope came from the top of the window. The police had arrived. The neighbour had heard a gunshot and called 911. The special unit came in and shot the brothers. In the confusion I ran and hid in a small room. Every shot was loud. Few policemen were screaming because they had been hit by the brothers. As the confusion was over, I came out of my room and went to an ambulance to be treated. But one problem was left. One of the brothers had fled during the confusion. The other one was caught by the police. And the ambulance took me to a near hospital. A few weeks later I got out with a piece of paper. It was from the brother who had escaped. He wrote that he would come back to kill me.     


Jan Malte Berners, 10b




The Eyes of the Bog

In the lands to the northeast, beyond the rolling hills and the sprawling woods, lies an endless bog where it is said that, come nightfall, a giant arises from its slumber and wanders aimlessly through the peat and muck, as it always had since time immemorial.

It has seen all who wandered into the swamp, hunters and their prey, the rich and the poor below them, the young and the old, it saw them all come and go, the swamp sees no difference, the swamp does not discriminate and the swamp has never, and will never, show mercy towards those who shall meet their end here and become one with the pitch black mud.

But one day, a boy no older than 10 walked into the swamp in search of the giant. 

The boy called out, and the giant came lumbering towards him. As it stared blankly at the boy with its hollow eyes, the boy, shivering as the cold autumn air brushed against his skin, stammered: “Mr Giant, I wanted to ask you a small kindness.” The Giant continued to stare. “My… my brother… he wandered into the bog while I wasn’t paying attention and… and sank into the mud. I’ve lost all hope now. His name was Bobby, he was the only family I had after my parents have passed, and he was no older than 5….” The boy wiped away the cold tears dripping down his face. “I heard stories about you, the eyes and ears of the swamp, I hoped that by talking to you, I could find a way to get him back!”

The giant’s cold stare was interrupted for a moment. It had seen many of those who mourned those who had lost what they hold dear to the bog, but never one who asked to reverse death. 

“Please, I’ll do anything!”, the boy burst into tears and collapsed upon the cold peat, but the giant could not answer. The giant had nothing to say. This is the way things were, it’s the way it always was and the way it always will be, an endless cycle of life and death. 

It had seen those who raged against it, how they fought as their light dimmed and their lungs filled with grime and continued to struggle against the end. It had seen those who accepted their fate, who had no power or will to rage against the dying of their light and let darkness settle upon them, but in the end, it did not matter which path they chose, darkness always settled, death always came, and it came for all, no matter how great their rage, no matter how powerful they were.

The giant set its gaze upon the glowing horizon. Soon the sun would rise, so it wandered back into the endless bog, to return at dusk once more.

The boy, cold and alone, looked upon the grime and muck of this accursed bog, never would he understand why death had come for his brother, but now he knew why it would come for him. He stood up and walked into the bog. As he felt his feet sink ever deeper into the muck, the further he waded into the bog, one last tear dropped down his face. 

He felt himself sink further and further, from his feet, to his knees, to his stomach and now to his chest. He could feel the mud pressing against his ribcage, he could no longer feel his legs. The mud reached his neck, his body was completely numb from the cold, he sank deeper and he let out his final words “See you soon, Bobby.”

The mud rose to his head, the grime covered his face and the boy did not struggle, he didn’t have the will to do so, and as the grime entered his lungs and his light dimmed, he did not rage.

And so he was taken by the bog, added to the foundation of nature’s void, and he let the darkness settle at dawn, no more pain, no more suffering, for there was no longer a light to cast the shadows of life, not for him. And he rests in peace, as all who are taken do, as they always did, since time immemorial and as they always will, until time itself will cease to be.


Lukas Hotes, 10a




The happiest I’ve ever been


I remember the first day we met as if it was yesterday. We had decided to meet at the train station and when I arrived, he was already waiting for me.

The two of us had met on social media and I had drunkenly called him by accident. After that awkward moment we started chatting every day. But it was not like I didn’t know him at all. He went to the same college as I did  and I’d seen him on campus a few times. I’d developed a slight crush on him at that point, which made it difficult for me to approach him. That’s why I was delighted when he asked me on a date one day. Nevertheless, I was insanely nervous. No one had ever made me feel this way and I hadn’t even met him in real life yet.

I left the train and searched for him in the sea of people. He was taller than the rest since the Japanese are usually rather short. It was probably difficult for him to find me because I’m short as well. But once our eyes met, his eyes lit up and he smiled at me sweetly. My cheeks reddened and my heart fluttered at the sight. I probably looked like a tomato but his smile still hadn’t left his face.

I walked up to him, struggling to get through the crowd. “Nervous?” he asked once we stood face-to-face. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything so I just nodded. He chuckled at my behavior before gripping my hand tightly. “Come on, there’s something I want to show you.” And with that he dragged me through the busy streets, never letting go of my hand.

We arrived at a tall building that looked very fancy for my standards. On the way there I had slightly warmed up to him, but I was still shy. It made me realize how different talking to my crush in person was from chatting on social media. Not that I was complaining, I enjoyed his company.

We entered the building and went up to the fifth floor. “I hope you like okonomiyaki”, he grinned. “One of my favorite dishes”, I answered playfully. I was glad he hadn’t picked a too expensive restaurant, since I didn’t have that much money on me. In the end he offered to pay for my bill and I happily accepted. We left and I started walking to the escalator that would take us back down. He obviously had other plans because he held me back and pointed his finger upwards. I didn’t immediately understand what he meant so I just followed him. We went up a few floors and walked out onto an observation point.

Since it was already November, the days were getting shorter and we had spent a lot of time at the restaurant, so the sun had already started to set. The observation point had multiple benches and was decorated beautifully with plants and fairy lights. The two of us stood at the rail and watched the sunset. There was no one else up here because it was very cold. A cool breeze blew past us and I shivered. “Here”, he mumbled next to me, as handed me his jacket and I thanked him.

“I found this spot two years ago”, he suddenly spoke up. “I’d decided back then that I’d only bring someone here if I have strong feelings for them.” He turned to me. He looked absolutely stunning with the sun’s last golden rays shining on his face. Then he stretched out his arms and I practically jumped into them. His embrace was warm and gentle, yet firm, I immediately felt at home. I felt his fingers tilt my head upwards, I was staring directly into his mesmerizing green eyes. Then, he kissed me.

I know, it sounds like every cliché romance ever written, it sounds like a fairy tale. Because it was. A few days after our date, we became on official couple. Now our time together was mostly spent indoors watching Netflix surrounded by blankets, pillows and food. When we’d have enough time, we’d still go on proper dates. We always took turns paying for a meal, I didn’t want him to spend too much money on me. The observation point on that building became “our” spot. On every anniversary we’d go have lunch in that same restaurant and then watch the sunset on the top floor. This was the happiest I’ve ever been.

It really was a fairy tale. But like many other stories, fairy tales also have endings. So did ours. We’d been dating for almost three years at that point and we lived in a shared apartment. That observation deck wasn’t only “our” spot, but also the place I’d go to to think. Apparently not many people knew about the top floor because I’d never seen anyone else up there. Since it wasn’t far from where we lived, I went there often. 

I‘d woken up pretty late that one morning so when I walked into the kitchen, I found a note. He’d written that he was very busy and wouldn’t be back until the evening. I didn’t mind because that meant I’d have some needed quality time with myself.

I stayed home for most of the day before deciding to go to the observation point. I hadn’t been there for a while. The streets that lead to the tall building were extremely busy that day. Since the escalators were too crowded, I took the elevator all the way up. The doors opened and to my surprise, I heard voices. I wasn’t too happy about it, but there was nothing I could’ve done about it.

When I turned around the corner, I saw two people standing at the rail, silently watching the sunset. It reminded me of him and I. I was about to walk over to a bench when the couple laughed. That laugh, I immediately recognized it. My eyes widened when I looked at the guy closely. That hair, that height, the clothes, it was definitely him. I felt my heart shatter. He arrived home that day in the evening like he had said, wearing the same clothes as the man on the observation deck. I couldn’t confront him about it.

It’s been two years since then. I still haven’t told him that I know and I don’t know if he’s still seeing her, or if he had stopped. I can’t leave him, I love him so much but I hate him.

This is the unhappiest I’ve ever been.